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I guess it’s not hard to figure out from this website that music is a big part of my life. I was hit with the “bug” at the tender age of five playing the youngest princess in “The King and I”. From that time on, the passion was ignited and it has continued through school productions, community theater, musical groups, the production of my own show and presently collaboratively writing my music.

All of the steps along the way were exciting and fun. When I was twelve, I created my own cabaret show of Broadway songs, performing for seniors and veterans. At that time, I also lucked out and got to appear in two independent films, “Dirt Road” and “Floyd”. I don’t know what happened to them because I never saw them in the movies, but I had a lot of fun with a bunch of other kids. Then my dad got me hooked up with people at Isle of Joy Productions where I did some singing for the “American Song Book” series on Time Warner Cable in NYC. (which is posted on my YouTube channel). When I got involved with our county youth program, I got to meet many other teens who were performing in the program. Everyone had to come up with their own skit so, with two of my friends, I put together my first group and call us the “Jersey Dreams”. We pretended to be the girl groups of the 50’s and 60’s. We had a lot of fun and the people at the shows sang along and dance in the isle. Boy, a lot of people sure liked “oldies” music. My friends had such great voices. It would have been great to be singing with them now, but thing always change. One of the girls left. With two remaining in the group, we became “Ven~K~La”, and we expanded the act to feature pop, rock, adult contemporary, country and R&B songs as well. Not long after the group formed we signed with an agent who booked us in county fairs and street festivals. The group stayed together a year or so until the second girl went off to try her hand at beauty pageants.

I was now a solo and continued with my cabaret shows. I also performed in many community theater productions that included both musicals and dramas. Some of my favorite productions were “Reasons to Be Pretty”, “Rocky Horror Show” and “Veronica’s Room”. During this time, I connected with a professional music coach who helped me to continue honing my voice in both technique and performance.

With all the music and performance experience I had gained thus far, the collaboration in writing music was the next natural step. I started working on my first album “Whirlwind” and finished the process of co-writing, editing, arranging, singing and producing within the year. I chose the title “Whirlwind” as a metaphor because the entire process of creating this first EP album felt like such a rapid and crazy time that flew by so quickly. It was a very intense process but it was a great artistic experience for me. My lyrical collaboration, musical direction and co-arrangement contributed in stylizing the sounds, which affected the overall music of the album. The result was an eclectic selection of music from easy ballets, to electronic dance but all with the pop sound.

The many vocal influences that I admire, such as Celine Dion, Madonna and Sara Bareilles, and of late, Adele, have helped shape my musical tastes, which in part may account for the wide variety in style of this pop album. While the overall pop sounds are strong, I wanted each song to stand-alone in their appeal to the listener without sounding like the other songs on the album. In developing the music, I wanted to make it memorable for fans where strong vocals, good beats and dynamic melodies would draw the listener into the feeling and beat of each song.

In 2012 – 13, I finished my second EP album, “Scattered Pieces”, which again consisted of a little bit of everything that I enjoy. The three main tracks on the album, “Like A Dream”, “Until The End Of Time” and “Running Away With My Heart” focus on the traditional pop sound and its uplifting beat. I added to these sounds other musical flavors such as, a little country/soul in “We Go Together”, funky dance beats in “Sassy” and the free style and humorous (yet truthful) storyline to “Shouldn’t That Be My Life” (because just like me my music is free spirited and eclectic).

My third album, which I am currently working on, will focus on the style of music that will begin to give direction to my vocal career. The music will not cover the eclectic span of the many pop sounds found in my first two albums, but will become more centralized so that my fans will begin to associate me with a particular style of music.

Besides music, I get myself involved in lots of other things. I love to read mysteries, cook, especially to concoct some of my own receipts (which are on the spicy side), watch movies, work out, spend time with my family and friends and go on random adventures – the craziest of all being my life!

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me. I will be posting more stuff about me and my music on Facebook and Twitter so please feel free to follow me on (www.facebook.com/karlayeamans & @MsKarlaYeamans). I will be adding and updating things daily. Also, check out my contact page and sign up so I can reach out to keep you posted on events and happenings and new album release dates.

Before I go, I want to give a special thanks to the creative talent of Andy Kadin, my music director, who wrote the music and collaborated in the lyrics and arrangements and who was a constant inspiration in the production of my albums. Thanks also go out to Jessica Emm photography for the photos on the album “Whirlwind” and to KJY Management whose insight and support is always there. I am so fortunate to have such amazing people helping me out!


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